Toll Brothers, Inc, Vista del Verde Residential Development and Black Gold Golf Course, Yorba Linda, CA

JMA performed the archival research, pre-construction archaeological and paleontological surveys, and archaeological and paleontological mitigation and monitoring services at this residential golf course required by the City of Yorba Linda. The project involved the remediation of an active oil field operated by Aera Energy. Our monitoring crew worked in tandem with environmental field technicians performing the Hazmat testing and remediation.

JMA field staff identified numerous fossil localities and collected a number of fossil specimens uncovered during excavation (salvage). The fossils discovered were from several formations and include marine and non-marine vertebrates and invertebrates JMA laboratory staff conducted the preparation, curation, and identification of recovered fossils, and compiled the data for a comprehensive report. This project required the moving of 15 million yards of material for the development of the golf course and a 2500+ home residential development in Villages 1 and 2, and over 12 million additional cubic-yards in Villages 3 and 4.