Comprehensive Paleontological Resource Services

John Minch and Associates has conducted paleontological investigations throughout California for over 35 years. JMA retains a highly experienced and certified staff of paleontological resource specialists that have participated in all phases of paleontological resource mitigation, research, survey, mitigation monitoring, salvage, fossil preparation and laboratory analysis, and regulatory documentation. We have assisted clients in over twenty northern and southern California counties on a wide range of projects including: solid waste landfills, transportation corridors, residential and commercial developments, golf course and public park construction, fiber optic and pipeline installations, and utility facilities.

Over 35 Years of Expertise Providing Practical and Efficient Solutions

Our staff serves to provide efficient and cost-effective management of paleontological resources with respect to the integrity of the project. We have recovered and documented thousands of fossil specimens and have never delayed a project. JMA maintains a continuous and professional relationship with local, state and federal regulatory agencies and remains current with all new regulations and practices in relation to the management of paleontological resources.

  • Paleontological EIR and Pre-Construction Resource Surveys
  • Paleontological Surveys for CEQA Compliance
  • Paleontological CEQA (3180) Mitigation Program Design, Implementation and Verification
  • Paleontological Resources Management Plan (PRMP)
  • Records and Literature Search
  • In-grading Paleontological Mitigation Monitoring and Implementation
  • Fossil Identification, Analysis and Lab Preparation
  • Worker Education Awareness Programs (WEAP) for Onsite Workers
  • Paleontological Resource Impact Evaluations
  • Preparation of NEPA Documents
  • Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA, 2009)
  • GIS Mapping of Paleontological Sensitivity
  • Monthly Progress and Final Reports
  • Paleontological Salvages, Recovery and Testing
  • Partnership with Local Museums including Donation to the Public and Non-Profit Institutes with Interest
  • Education Outreach