Trump National Golf Club and Residential Development, Palos Verdes, CA

Trump National is the former Ocean Trails Golf Course located on the Palos Verdes peninsula. JMA provided over two years of archaeological and paleontological mitigation and monitoring services for the 360-acre Ocean Trails Resort, golf course, and park development. The project site housed historic World War II features that were associated with nearby Fort MacArthur, as well as potentially historic agricultural fields. An evaluation of the site for eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places was done which involved the identification of relevant cultural resources (historic properties), the evaluation of the resources historic significance, and an assessment of the effects upon them.

As a result of the mitigation monitoring during construction seven prehistoric archaeological sites were encountered and mitigated. The paleontological mitigation phase of the project yielded numerous significant marine fossil specimens from the Monterey Formation that have been accessioned to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. Fossil specimens include: whales (including rare Baleen), dolphin, fish (including a rare tropical Mola), other marine vertebrates and mollusks.