Northrup Grumman/TRW, Capistrano Test Site, San Juan Capistrano, CA

The Capistrano Test Site was founded for the development of “Star Wars” and the Apollo Lunar Descent Engine systems. JMA was responsible for compliance oversight on the Capistrano Test Site and has completed various projects on the property involving archaeological, biological, and paleontological services including: pre-construction surveys, development of mitigation programs, and construction mitigation monitoring.

Our staff developed a biological monitoring program and mitigation measures that included sensitive species such as the Arroyo Southwestern Toad. JMA also developed a Worker Environmental Awareness Training (WEAP) program for the Arroyo Southwestern Toad that was provided to construction personnel and designed to ensure protection of the endangered species during project activities.

The various projects conducted at the Capistrano Test Site involved CEQA/NEPA documentation, re-vegetation, the design and placement of revetments for stream erosion, cost analysis of undersize bridge replacement, environmental permitting for emergency repairs for water pipeline break, planning and environmental coordination for construction of a water pipe truss bridge and rock groins in a creek. These activities involve permitting and coordination with Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), U.S. Fish and Wildlife (USF&W), California Department of Fish & Game (CDF&G), State Water Quality Control Board, and OCEMA.